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About Us

About Us

Love, laughter
& life

The Ashmaan is different.

The Ashmaan is all about food and family.

We specialise in classic halal cuisine from the Punjab region of Pakistan and India.

That’s where our family are from and these are the dishes that are important to us.

We use local ingredients and authentic Punjabi spices to create dishes that are full of everything our family has always believed in:

Love, laughter and life.

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Meet Our Family

When we say that the restaurant is about food and family… well, we really mean it. The Ashmaan is very much a family restaurant with the second generation of the our family at it’s core.





Our Story

From Punjab
To Linlithgow

Linlithgow is not the most obvious place to discover the delights of authentic Punjabi cuisine but… life presents all sorts of challenges and how you respond to them is all that matters.

Our story begins with the Partition of India in 1947. Displaced from their home and with few possessions, our father and his family settled in the Punjab in Pakistan.

When post-war Britain asked for help to rebuild in the late 1950s, our father saw it as an opportunity to build a new life and to share his love of Pakistani and Indian cuisine with everybody.

Our father settled in Glasgow from where he built up his own trucking business. His dream, however, was to feed people. His dream was to share the joys of Punjabi cuisine with everybody.

Supported by his own young family, that dream became a reality when, in 1984, we arrived in Linlithgow and opened The Ashmaan.

Our father had no experience in retaurants. He just wanted to cook. He wanted to share. He poured his heart and soul into his dream and taught himself to cook the dishes important to him.

Although our father passed away in 2010, the ethos that drove him – to focus on food and family – remains the bedrock of The Ashmaan today.